Banquets in Warsaw, coctailes, balls,
dinners, openings, conferences

For us it's really easy!

Our creative cooks will make a perfect menu, which will depend on your personal culinary preferences and settled budget. There is no boundaries and secrets which we wouldn't guess. For 25 years we have been satisfying our most demanding clients. Our key to success is the phenomenal kitchen. We are not a big producer, but the manufacturer. We're paying big attention to make our food incredible and irresistible in taste and in its look. Our finger food is a little piece of art, propositions of appetizers are the palette of colors and flavors, salads – hundreds of delicious combinations. When it comes to hot meals there are endless possible food compositions, the deserts are sweet poetry for body and the mind. Our banquets in Warsaw are the guarantee of an excellent food prepared with modern equipment.

Chairs, tables, bars, cocktail tables, benches, tents, grills, arrangements?

It may seem impossible, but we have been organizing parties for several dozen years now! We've been getting our finishing touches by organizing parties in cult places, many events for diplomatic institutions and for the government representatives. Also we were supporting many important, culture events in the capital.

We know how to make a good party:

  • perfect meals
  • professional personnel
  • attractive arrangements

We are organizing banquets in Warsaw for the individual clients and institutions. Due to different events' characters and different occasions we propose various methods of events organization:

  • French style
  • English style
  • German style
  • and others

Choice of the style is based on the number of participants, but also on the way of serving meals. Small English banquet is for less than 20 people, but French and German styles can be prepared even for several hundred of guests. Every party is planned with the consideration of event's character. We pay special attention to tables' décor, so in pair with the elegant service we could fulfill your satisfaction.

You are welcome to contact us, we will help you plan the unforgettable party.