Service during the conference in Warsaw


With a great success for over 25 years now, we have been organizing congresses for a few thousandths guests. Conference service by Party Serwis is the guarantee of a successful meeting, which will leave a great impression. A just knowledge and a long-term experience make us a professional, and a big amount of guests never decreases the high level of our services. We dispose a professional catering equipment and complex supply fleet. During the last quarter of century hundreds of companies trusted us. We are one of the biggest and the fastest developing brand on the polish market. We have a well-educated personnel: highly-qualified cooks, trusted team of waiters, managers and reliable team of technics. High culture of our employees and irreproachable manners are one of our many assets. We do not produce food – we make it with passion, which guarantees unforgettable taste of our meals.

You are in the right hands!!!

Trainings and symposiums are meetings, which last for few hours, sometimes even days. Their length is decisive when it comes to choosing the catering – shorter trainings (less than four hours) can have only coffee break on which we serve drinks and snacks. Service for couple-hours, and few days lasting meetings, should include all-day alimentation for participants.

While organizing the conference, you also have to include catering issues, specially when the event is taking place in a company headquarters without a gastronomic base. As professionals we look after participants comfort also during discussion panels or lectures, by preparing tables with drinks, which are standing in the middle of a conference sale

We provide:

  • professional catering
  • adequate menu
  • constant access to drinks
  • catering transport to the place of a meeting
  • impressive presentation

We provide catering in Warsaw and in the surrounding area. We guarantee the timely execution of the tasks. The high level of our competences is confirmed by many positive opinions.

You are welcome to contact us, together we will create the unforgettable party.